Training Your Brain for Long-term Results

During your first visit to Wings of Change, you and Lea will talk –- about you. By conducting an assessment of your problems, challenges and full history; including medical, mental health and social, Lea will be able to give you a diagnosis and recommend forms of treatment. Your visit will last about an hour and a half. Lea always utilizes researched, best practices in treating every patient.

Neurofeedback targets and treats symptoms of many clinical disorders. It trains brainwaves to become more efficient and ultimately, normalized. It is not invasive and no medication is needed. Research has shown that many conditions, including ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, brain injury, attention, concentration, sleep disorders, addiction and depression have been favorably influenced by neurofeedback. For those who have tried cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy or medication without success, neurofeedback may be a helpful part of the therapeutic process.

Lea utilizes the latest software programs, Neuroguide’s 19 channel Z score and LORETA Z score training along with Deymed Truscan 32 acquisition equipment.