Wings of Change

          “What we achieve inwardly will
change outer reality”

Affecting Change through
Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

Lea Leonard, LCSW, LLC, therapist at Wings of Change in Naples, FL helps people overcome life’s challenges and develop successful solutions to overwhelming problems. Conditions treated include: trauma (both violent and non-violent), behavioral challenges (anger management, oppositional-defiant, ADHD), mental illness (BiPolar Disorder, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders), Asperger’s Syndrome, self injury, divorce, life changes, grief and loss.Depending upon the problem or challenge, Lea utilizes researched, best practice strategies to help clients find solutions to their problems and build a path to success. That may take the form of cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, structured sensory trauma focused therapy, relational therapy, Neurofeedback and/or learning strategies to overcome overwhelming emotions.

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