What To Expect


Your First Neurofeedback Visit: What to Expect

The first session for neurofeedback treatment allows Lea to obtain the baseline quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG). A qEEG is essentially a map of your brain. You will be sitting with a cap on your head and resting for approximately 20 to 30 minutes; 10 minutes with your eyes open and 10 minutes with your eyes closed. The information gained is then utilized to create a custom protocol that addresses your clinical symptoms. This first visit will last about an hour and a half and it is important that you arrive with clean, dry hair free of any hair styling product.
During the next visit your neurofeedback treatment will begin. You will sit wearing the cap again, and electroconductive gel will be applied (your hair must be clean and dry). This visit will last about an hour with time allotted for preparation and treatment. Subsequent neurofeedback sessions can be scheduled two to three times each week. One of the weekly sessions will include an additional half hour for psychotherapy.

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