Treating Trauma

Treating Trauma

Moving on from Trauma and Regaining Your Life

During your first visit to Wings of Change, you and Lea will talk – about you. By conducting an assessment of your problems, challenges and full history; including medical, mental health and social, Lea will be able to give you a diagnosis and recommend forms of treatment. Your visit will last about an hour and a half. Lea always utilizes best practices in treating every patient.

Trauma reaction is the inability to move the sensory memories of those traumatic experiences to our cognitive memory where the information can be processed, managed and reframed as a memory and not something that is happening in the here and now.

In your first session to treat the traumas challenging your life, which could be a result of domestic violence, bullying, physical or sexual abuse, natural disaster, a life threatening accident, terrorism or war, Lea will teach you strategies for coping and relaxation skills. The relaxation skills will help you to discuss the trauma and explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts relating to it.

Lea utilizes interventions such as art activities to assist in bringing the sensory information to “words” and details and help the victim use cognitive reframing to make sense of the trauma. The “victim” can then move from being a survivor of trauma to a thriver of trauma, allowing their future to be free of intrusive thoughts and memories.

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